Some say that the kitchen is the home’s heart. It is the busiest area of any house, so whether you want to remodel your current kitchen or are planning on moving into a new home, why not have a look at some of our past projects to get some inspiration?

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  • kitchen 3

You deserve more than just a plain old bathroom. Check out our bespoke creations which range from luxurious high-end walk-in showers to highly functional minimalistic and stunning spaces.

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  • bathroom 3

There is nothing quite as beautiful and elegant as a marble floor. Take a look at our out of the ordinary floor projects.

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Make a stellar and long lasting impression, and create a strong impact with our one of a kind materials - just like these previous clients have!

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Create an extraordinary tombstone or memorial to remember your loved ones when they are no longer with us.

We at Camilleri Marble Works Ltd promise you a tasteful yet timeless piece.

At Camilleri Marble Works Ltd you can get a range of monumental works such as statues and other creations.

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Go a step above the rest with our eclectic choice of natural minerals when it comes to staircases and steps. We promise not to disappoint.

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